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Word of the Week are designed to focus school-wide attention on a single Positive Action concept. The words and their definitions were chosen to reinforce the corresponding concepts in the lessons. There are thirty-six words, one for each week of the school year. Each word is printed on its own colorful card. Teachers and all support staff members should each receive a stack of 180 cards (5 cards of each word) at the beginning of the year. The cards are to be given out to students whom they see using the positive action indicated on the card. All the cards should be used during the year. More can be ordered from Positive Action, Inc. if desired. It is suggested that at the beginning of each week the word for the week be introduced school-wide (such as over the intercom) as well as in each classroom. The word should be practiced as much as possible during the week by everyone in the school. The purpose of Words of the Week is to encourage everyone to practice the word of the week concept and experience the good feelings you get about yourself when you do a positive action. So be creative, have fun with the words, and be prepared to see students grow and learn in a warm, stimulating environment.

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