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We love this program!

Right now, everyone in the school from 1st-5th grades has had Positive Action classes with me. We love this program, and it certainly has produced better citizens in our school. The first year I was on campus teaching this program, I gave out a lot of referrals. As time went on, all teachers had to give less and less referrals. I have not given one referral this year for poor behavior.

Nancy A.Teacher
Great for self-discovery.

I have observed an increase in the self-awareness of students. This program has been incredibly supportive in promoting student discussion on their journey through recognition of who they are and who they want to become physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They are exploring concepts of individuation and autonomy and understanding how to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions. I have seen progress in each student's ability to disclose as well as provide supportive feedback to their peers and develop better problem-solving skills when it comes to interpersonal relationships and academic stressors that may universally pertain to the typical adolescent.

Dominique D.Doctoral Practicum Student/Facilitator
Real growth with PA!

Our building has grown because of Positive Action. The students are more aware of their behavior and the pros and cons which manifest because of it. They are mindful of their words and actions when interacting with peers and adults. Together we are growing stronger and healthier mentally and physically alike, because of the lessons learned during our Positive Action time.

Sheila T.Assistant Principal
“ICU Box” works!

Everything has gone great with Positive Action! The students and teachers really enjoyed it! The "ICU" box in the younger grades has been spectacular! They look forward to hearing about their positive actions every time I see them! It's like an awards ceremony!"

Candace F.SEL Interventionist
Our school culture has definitely improved!

Positive Action has been engaged in working with our school to improve our school culture and student outcomes. The Positive Action consultants my school has worked with over the last years were knowledgeable, experienced and effective. Positive Action has both the expertise and capacity to develop and execute an innovative and evidence-based program that can serve as a replicable and scalable model for whole-school culture improvement.

We have been able to empower our staff with SEL strategies to improve relationships between our neediest children and their teachers to ensure that our scholars have a safe and supportive learning environment through the use of the Positive Action program. With these improved relationships, scholars who recently were disengaged have been able to stay in class and benefit from the classroom instruction.

One of the biggest successes with implementing Positive Action for students was that scholars are able to reflect upon making negative choices and determine how to turn them around using positive actions. Additionally, students are internalizing the SEL skills and concepts and are better able to use the skills and concepts in problem solving situations, even when the situations are highly charged.

Ryshan J.Vice Principal
Great for peer modeling!

Teachers have been teaching Positive Action since the start of the school year. Students specifically in the lower grades are modeling and reminding peers using concepts learned. Our school counselor also connects/reinforces concepts learned through classroom guidance.

Virginia J.Principal
Communication has improved.

Positive Action has been effective in my homeroom, students are acknowledging how to be respectful to one another and telling me when they are not emotionally well. Communication has improved to where students are able to correct actions that are negative as far as school rules goes. Students enjoy the radio pals scripts. They like to act it out. They enjoy and they have fun with it. The journal writing helps them write about the questions in the lessons and then they are able to share out. I can see that students are more aware of setting goals and trying to reach the short-term goals. We celebrate their successes as well.

Charlene M.Teacher
Thoughts, Actions, Feelings

Positive Action is a program that targets all aspects of behavior and social skills in easy-to-understand activities. Each lesson is accompanied by activities that are simple enough for my lower-level students yet challenging for my accelerated learners. I use Positive Action throughout the entire day when addressing social skills. In fact, Positive Action plays such an important role in our daily interaction, that my students will get the Positive Action poster and apply the “Thoughts, Actions, Feelings” concept to the specific behaviors that we are targeting. We also use the program for our goal setting activities. Students have learned they can make better choices when they apply the ideas from the Positive Action program. Positive Action is a GREAT program that engages students and reinforces the concepts needed for success.

Laura R.Special Education Teacher
The program worked!

Health teachers reported students enjoyed the curriculum, that they broke out of their shells and had a chance to talk about their feelings. They gained confidence, learned to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and became more willing to volunteer.

John P.Program Coordinator
Helped me connect with my students.

Positive Action has given me an opportunity to spend quality time with my first grade students sharing and learning. Only having had most of them for a short time, I am able to learn more about them through their own thoughts and feelings and how they related to the world. I, in turn, have an opportunity to share with them my experiences making me more “human” to them rather than just their teacher. It has been such an amazing experience so far.

Ammy W.Education K-5 Teacher
Our students love this program!

Positive Action is going well. The Effective Social and Emotional Learning approach is awesome. The Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle helps us understand our feelings and become accountable for our actions to make better choices before we react. Students are beginning to understand that this process promotes a healthier person. The students are excited, they all want to answer at the same time and they're showing retention. The look on the students' faces shows that they feel great when they make good decisions. We really enjoy the curriculum.

Lucretia H.Program Director

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