Education, social and health policy decisions should be guided by science.

Positive Action has long supported the research community with ongoing and active support for academic institutions, governments, think tanks and graduate students.

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Below is an assortment of outcomes from peer-reviewed journal articles.



Improved Student Well-Being

Teacher reports from the Hawaii study indicated sizable improvements in students' well-being.



Reduced Violent Behaviors

Researchers documented a remarkable reduction in violent behaviors during the course of the Hawaii study.



Improved Absenteeism

School records indicated a sizable improvement in the rate of absenteeism.



Reduced Student Anxiety

Improved mental health was one of several standout outcomes from Chicago Public Schools study.



Improved Academic Motivation

Researchers observed a moderate improvement in the teacher ratings of students' academic motivation.



55 and counting.

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Other organizations such as the U.S. Department of Education and CASEL have also conducted independent reviews of the data.

Implementation data is the result of a longitudinal randomized-controlled trial of the Positive Action program.

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