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Over 34,000 streams in 2023 alone!

As a parent, I've seen a remarkable change in my child's ability to articulate feelings since we started using Pasela's SEL tunes at home. Truly invaluable.



Incredible resource! Pasela's free SEL music library not only supports my lesson plans but also brings so much joy and deeper emotional learning to my students.


Middle School Educator

Pasela's SEL music library has transformed our homeschooling experience, making lessons more engaging and emotionally resonant. It's amazing—and free!


Homeschooling Parent

I introduced Pasela's SEL music to my students as part of our well-being program, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It's a powerful teaching aid.


Well-being Coordinator

The diversity in Pasela's music library means every student can find a song that resonates. It's a fantastic way to introduce SEL into any curriculum.


Special Education Teacher

Finding Pasela was a breakthrough for our family! The songs are not only educational but also incredibly soothing. It's become a part of our daily routine.


Parent and Blogger

Harmonize Learning and Unlock Potential with Pasela's SEL Music

Dive into our exclusive, free SEL music library. Strengthen emotional intelligence, build community, and cultivate independence in learners.


Enhances Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

Pasela's SEL music library enriches students emotional vocabulary, enabling them to articulate and navigate their feelings more effectively. This heightens a deeper self-awareness and aids in the development of emotional intelligence, crucial for personal and academic success.


Strengthens Social Connections and Community

Through musical learning and shared experiences, Pasela's SEL music library cultivates a sense of community and belonging among students. It sharpens their social skills and promotes a supportive, cohesive learning environment, contributing to improved social relationships and empathy.


Supports Independent Learning and Decision-Making

By integrating music into the SEL curriculum, Pasela encourages students to develop critical self-assessment and decision-making skills. Musical education promotes independence, resilience, and a growth mindset, preparing students for success in school and beyond.

How It Works: The Magic Behind Pasela's SEL Music Library

Immerse yourself in our engaging video tour and master the ins and outs of the Pasela SEL music library. Discover how to unlock its full potential and bring a world of emotional and social learning to life with every note.

Unlock the Heart of Learning with Pasela - Your Key to Transforming Every Lesson into a Journey

Touch the soul of education with Pasela’s exclusive audio library, where every note shapes a brighter, more understanding world for your students.

In the heart of every classroom lies the potential for profound growth and discovery. Pasela introduces a world where education transcends traditional boundaries, offering an exclusive audio catalog that speaks directly to this potential. Designed to harmonize with your curriculum, our library of auditory learning materials opens new avenues for emotional and intellectual exploration, addressing the deepest needs of every learner.

Imagine a classroom where every student feels understood, where lessons are not just heard but truly felt. With Pasela, this vision becomes a reality. Our wide range of musical narratives and soundscapes addresses the diverse emotional landscapes of young learners, providing them with the tools to navigate their internal worlds and social environments with confidence and empathy.

The power of music in shaping young minds cannot be overstated. Beyond the joy of melody and rhythm, it's a bridge to deeper comprehension, a catalyst for empathy, and a beacon for those seeking their place in the world. Pasela harnesses this power, transforming the educational experience into a journey of discovery and connection.

Embrace the future of learning with Pasela. Because when education touches the heart, the possibilities are endless.

But wait, there's more… ways to connect and grow!

Discover the full spectrum of Pasela with free SEL tunes and Family materials to enrich every aspect of your family life.

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