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Our Family Kit invites families from all walks of life to nurture children’s social-emotional skills, enrich connections, and strengthen bonds across diverse backgrounds.

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Join countless families benefiting from our Free Family Kit!

The Family Kit available now for free on Pasela has been a transformative tool for our household. It's helped us address and manage our kids' emotional responses in a nurturing way.



Never thought a single resource could change the way our family communicates. The Family Kit’s lessons on empathy and understanding have brought us closer than ever.


School Counselor

As a parent, finding effective ways to discuss emotional topics with children can be tough. Positive Action’s Family Kit in Pasela provides the perfect roadmap for these crucial conversations.


School Administrator

We’ve seen remarkable improvements in our children’s behavior and emotional well-being since we started using the Family Kit. It’s like we have a new set of tools at our disposal.


Well-being Coordinator

The Family Kit isn't just educational; it's a bonding experience. Each lesson helps us grow together as a family unit while teaching valuable life skills.


Educational Psychologist

I was looking for ways to help my child with self - management and resilience.The Family Kit’s lessons on self - awareness and self - control have been incredibly effective.


Parent and Blogger

Reshape How Your Family Connects Using the Free Family Kit

Support Emotional Growth and Develop Important Social Skills at Home with Activities That Encourage Communication, Empathy, and Understanding Among Family Members, Helping Everyone Bond Together.

Comprehensive Learning Units
Explore Positive Action's 42 carefully designed lessons on various character and social-emotional topics. Each unit is thoughtfully tailored to meet family learning needs, reinforcing essential life skills in your home environment.
Engaging and Interactive Content
Our lessons are not just informative—they're interactive and fun! Engage your children with activities that spark their interest and curiosity, making learning a rewarding family experience.
Perfect for Busy Families
We know life can get hectic. That's why our lessons are designed to be flexible—each one can last between 30-45 minutes or be split into three shorter segments of about 15 minutes each. This adaptable format fits easily into your busy schedule, allowing you and your family to learn at a pace that suits you best.
Promotes Emotional and Social Development
Address the emotional challenges your family manages in daily life. Our kit helps sharpen emotional intelligence, improve communication skills, and deepen understanding of self and others.
Builds Strong Family Bonds
Learning together strengthens family bonds. Our Family Kit encourages cooperation, respect, and positive interactions, creating an environment where everyone can grow and thrive. It's not just about learning; it's about changing family dynamics for the better.
Absolutely Free
Enjoy all these benefits without spending a dime. The Family Kit is provided at no cost to ensure that every family can access top-quality educational content, regardless of budget.
Illustration of a big family

Plan and Prepare…To Have Fun Using Pasela!

Easily access our Family Kit through the Pasela app, where you can select lessons, plan activities, and utilize additional digital resources like song lyrics and music. Discover a simple way to engage and educate your family, leveraging each learning moment with just a few clicks.

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Discover the Joy of Learning with Pasela - Your Gateway to Enriching Family Education

Delve into the essence of learning with Pasela’s Positive Action Family Kit, where every activity cultivates a deeper, more inclusive understanding for all family members.

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In a rapidly changing world, our children's emotional and educational resilience has never been more critical. Born out of a commitment to mental health during the challenging times of COVID - 19, Positive Action's family lessons have evolved into the cornerstone of the Pasela platform. Developed in collaboration with child psychologists and educators, the Family Kit ensures every family has the tools they need to thrive.


Crafted Lessons

With Pasela, every registered user gains free access to these thoughtfully crafted lessons, each designed to support mental well-being and encourage educational growth. Whether developing emotional intelligence, practicing communication skills, or building a stronger family unit, our lessons are tailored to meet your family's unique challenges.



Imagine a learning environment where your children excel academically and are ready to handle modern life's emotional complexities. Pasela's family lessons offer a dual approach to learning—combining academic skills with meaningful life lessons that teach patience, empathy, and resilience. This whole child approach means children are not just prepared for the classroom but for life itself.



Join the growing community of families who have turned their homes into vibrant learning and emotional growth hubs. With Pasela by Positive Action, you're not just joining a program but investing in your child's future. And with every lesson, witness their confident strides toward becoming well-rounded, emotionally healthy individuals.

This Is Not All. Explore Even More with Pasela!

Access our extensive collection of over 100 social-emotional songs and stories, completely free, to enliven your family's learning experience.

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