Positive Action is based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions.

The Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle (TAF) illustrates how this works in life: our thoughts lead to actions and those actions lead to feelings about ourselves which in turn lead to more thoughts.

When this cycle is negative, students do not want to learn. When this cycle is positive, students want to learn. The essence of the program is to emphasize those actions that promote a healthy and positive cycle. The Positive Action program works through these concepts in a systematic way.

An artist's illustration of the Thoughts - Actions - Feelings circle developed by Positive Action.

Positive Action's PreK-12 curriculum comprehensively nurtures every facet of a child's development, instilling essential physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills to empower them towards personal excellence. In tandem, educators undergo personal and professional growth, parents actively participate, and administrators foster a secure learning environment.

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From mental health to substance abuse, researchers consistently found that Positive Action had affected student behavior.

The University of Illinois-Chicago conducted two randomized-controlled trials of Positive Action that featured longitudinal assessments on a range of outcomes.

Using this data, other researchers have computed the economic benefit of these outcomes.The standard unit of measurement used in public policy calculations is referred to as the Cost-Benefit Ratio (CBR), which can also be converted to another unit of measurement commonly used in finance; Return on Investment (ROI).

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Three different entities completed these types of calculations and published their findings:

Washington State Institute of Public Policy (WSIPP)
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Report
Teachers College, Columbia University

Outcomes Table

Cost Benefit Ratio (CBR)
Return on Investment (ROI)
$ 27.56
View report
Cost Benefit Ratio (CBR)
Return on Investment (ROI)
$ 217.89
View report
Cost Benefit Ratio (CBR)
Return on Investment (ROI)
$ 10.14
View report

Positive Action considers the WSIPP methodology to be the most accurate. Its sensitivity to effect size and the delineation of outcomes by topic area (see Exhibit 2.4.2 in the Technical Documentation) provides a more concise estimate. In addition, WSIPP accounts for the cumulative benefits as opposed to a single moment in time.

WSIPP Benefit-Cost database is an outstanding resource for policy and administrative decision makers. Explore for yourself and you will find that Positive Action is the most reliable public health policy option by a wide margin.

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Illustration of two women accessing a large bookshelf filled with books and a map hanging next to it.
Illustration of a group of people of varying ages and backgrounds standing next to each other, with a picket fence and small bush near them.
Illustration of a woman and a man assisting another woman in a wheelchair down a path with trees.
Illustration of a man and woman sitting on a park bench with several books scattered on the bench and several trees next to them.
Illustration of a school hallway with a large window, tall plant and a set of lockers with young adults mingling and conversing.
Pasela is a universal toolset for
Building life skills.
Strengthening academic
Supporting families
and communities.
Improving school climate.
Improving mental health.
Reducing bullying and
school violence.
Clinical Results
Academic Motivation





Effect Size

Pasela is a universal toolset for building life skills. - Friendship, creativity, lifelong interest in learning - all students instinctually share these common interests. Help them discover the best in themselves. Starting with Pre-K and all the way to High School and beyond, Pasela presents a durable framework for character education and building the foundational skills that are essential in life.

Pasela is for Everyone

A montage of artist's illustrations that consists of different components from the Pasela web application.

Pasela is an app for teaching Positive Action, an educational program recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, CASEL and dozens of other organizations.

Learn how others have reached their students with Positive Action

Average Rating
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We love this program!

Right now, everyone in the school from 1st-5th grades has had Positive Action classes with me. We love this program, and it certainly has produced better citizens in our school. The first year I was on campus teaching this program, I gave out a lot of referrals. As time went on, all teachers had to give less and less referrals. I have not given one referral this year for poor behavior.

Nancy A.Teacher

Pasela is a fully-featured web application that offers unparalleled access to over 2000 lessons, designed to accommodate a versatile range of deployment options. Whether for a single user in a self-service format or for large school districts requiring Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, Pasela is engineered to support any implementation model, ensuring a seamless and efficient educational experience.

Pasela app screenshot: Progress Dashboards
Progress Dashboards

Pasela provides detailed, real-time tracking of a teacher's advancement through the curriculum, facilitating efficient planning and implementation for educators.

Customizable Lessons

Pasela features a built-in editor that allows educators to customize lessons, ensuring that the content meets the specific needs and learning objectives of their students.

Real Time Content Updates

Pasela ensures educational content remains current and relevant with real-time updates, seamlessly integrating the latest materials and resources directly into the curriculum.

Exclusive Audio Catalog

Pasela features an exclusive audio catalog, enhancing the educational experience with a wide range of auditory learning materials designed to complement the curriculum.

Translated Materials.

The program's content supports real-time translation through AI-powered browser tools, accommodating over 100 languages. This feature is especially beneficial for English language learners, enhancing their comprehension and engagement.

Downloadable Resources

The Pasela platform offers an extensive library of downloadable resources, including posters and game boards, designed to enrich and complement educational instruction. These versatile materials provide students with engaging activities that can be customized for various learning environments.

Pasela goes beyond the classroom with orchestrated content for families, communities and afterschool settings.

Public School

An artist's illustration of a modern school building with a flag on the roof and grass and trees for landscaping.

Pasela is universally adaptable and can be used in any educational setting.


An artist's illustration of a family with a young teenage daughter, the father has one arm around the mother and waving with the other.Pasela offers free lessons for parents which can be adapted for a variety of other settings.


An artist's illustration of a group of diverse people standing next to each other and waving with one arm.The app includes resources and strategies for extending implementations into the community at large.

After School

An artist's illustration of two young men playing chess.Many after school / out of school time (OST) programs such Boys & Girls Clubs rely on Positive Action for their daily programming.

Pasela offers a long list of features, from progress dashboards to lesson editing, simplifying the acquisition, training, and implementation process. The streamlined user experience will save administrators and educators valuable time and energy, while improving overall fidelity.

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Years of Experience
Positive Action has been transforming schools since 1982.
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Clinical Trials
Randomized-controlled trials have verified the effectiveness of the program.
Onboarded students
Inspiring and educating over 5 million students and counting.
Our universal approach can cross any border.
Return on investment
Ground-breaking analysis confirms the benefits exceed the costs by an order of magnitude.
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Implementation data is the result of a longitudinal randomized-controlled trial of the Positive Action program.

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