High School 2

An artists illustration of two high school students sitting at a table, engaged in conversation and studying together.

As part of the high school curriculum, each lesson topic in High School 2 is taught in three parts: Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions, and Positive Feelings. Additionally, this curriculum features a 44-act play called Lives on the Line, which occurs in each “Positive Actions” lesson throughout the manual. The play is set in various times and places and has a diverse cast. Students read the parts of the characters who participate in a virtual reality survivor game. To win the game, everyone must arrive at the end of the challenge together as responsible, resilient, and confident students who understand, respect, and trust one another. The play encourages interaction and engagement involving everyone in the class.

Students dive right into the play in Unit 1 and meet eight very different teen characters who learn that they must cooperate to achieve different group challenges issued by Dr. Pos, a world-renowned scientist, and win $100,000 each to pursue a lifetime goal. They experience each challenge using virtual travel through time and place via Dr. Pos's blackboard “screen” EDGAR (Electron Data Gathering and Retrieval), such as Hawaii, Egypt, the 1930s, and the future. The teens learn many positive actions throughout their journeys, enabling them to better understand who they are and want to become.

In Unit 2, the students meet, through EDGAR, two new characters in the play: Pythagoras and Michelangelo, who stimulate their intellectual and creative thinking, and Florence Nightingale, who reminds them of the critical physical positive actions needed for good health. In Unit 3, the students learn how to manage themselves through a poster, “Think Before You Act,” which challenges them to think carefully before acting because they cannot take their actions back once they act. Through a new character, Dr. Amadeus, and EDGAR, the play helps students see the importance of using positive actions in the many ways they manage themselves.

In Unit 4, students delve into sensitive areas like empathy, love, respect, fairness, and kindness as part of treating others the way they like to be treated—the Golden Rule. They learn that over 270 cultures have some form of the Golden Rule—a universal concept. In Unit 5, as the play's virtual reality game continues, the students travel into a deep, dark cave in little boxcars made of gold and decorated with diamonds in search of a “mystery,” which turns out to be a “truth stone” that looks like a crystal or even maybe a diamond. This stone has sentences written in it regarding the characters, which state how their lack of honesty with themselves and others caused problems. This stimulates the students to think about the positive actions they could have used instead.

In Unit 6, the play and the challenge end successfully. The characters discuss how they are going to spend their prize money. They will use it to achieve their aspirations and goals with very positive purposes, leading them to success and happiness.

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