High School 1

An artists illustration of two high school students sitting down, one wearing roller blades and the other holding a basketball.

High School 1 begins the high school curriculum for Grade 9, followed by High School 2, High School 3, and High School 4 for Grades 10-12 respectively. While the kits are in a numerical sequence, it is not always necessary to use them in this order. The kits have the same overarching theme: “Life's Big Question: Who Am I?” However, they take different approaches to teaching the concepts and can be mixed and matched to serve particular goals and needs.

The structure of the high school curriculum distinguishes itself from other grade levels by organizing topics into three interconnected lessons: Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions, and Positive Feelings. The "Positive Thoughts" lessons introduce the core concepts, followed by "Positive Actions," which involve practical activities applying these concepts. "Positive Feelings" lessons encourage reflection on the previous sessions, incorporating the Student Text, Guide to a Positive Life, to extend the discussion with thought-provoking questions.

Unit 1 introduces the theme “Life's Big Question: Who Am I?” and uses a poster to point out that throughout history, great thinkers have posed this question, from Plato and Socrates to Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr., Maya Angelou, and many more. Students learn to ask themselves this question in order to work towards becoming the person they want to be.

Unit 2 teaches students about physical and intellectual positive actions. For physical health, they learn about nutrition, exercise, and getting enough sleep, as well as important safety issues—like inattentive driving, using drugs and/or alcohol, smoking cigarettes/vaping, and not wearing sunscreen. With relationships, students learn whom to trust and how to avoid peer pressure and bullying. The second half of the unit focuses on enhancing intellectual health, teaching students an effective approach to problem-solving and decision-making based on whether their contemplated solutions meet the test of positive actions for their whole self.

Unit 3 guides students on how to be good managers of their time, energy, talents, money, and possessions as well as their emotions. They learn what an incredible range of emotions they have when managed with specific positive actions. In Unit 4, students are asked to create a Code of Conduct that encourages treating others as they like to be treated themselves. Listing their preferred ways of being treated, students discover that these preferences are universal.

Unit 5 focuses on being honest with yourself and others. Students learn to think honestly about their strengths and weaknesses and how to do what they say they will do. Unit 6 seeks to teach students to set goals and achieve them with positive actions. They learn that reaching for their goals requires believing in their potential, having the courage to try, being brave, and persevering when the going gets tough. At the end of the learning journey, the road to self-improvement is all worth it as it leads to the main goal—success and happiness.

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