Grade 8

An artists illustration of two female grade 8 students in lab coats conducting a science experiment at a table with a beaker.

An investigation of the self is the theme of the Grade 8 curriculum. In Units 1-3, students take on review lessons from Grade 7 and become "Positive Identity Investigators” on a mission to self-discovery. The review lessons reintroduce students to the Positive Action philosophy and Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle, providing them with a foundation for Units 4-6.

The second broadcast season of the radio call-in talk show and drama on PALS Radio continues. Students tune in and take on crucial roles as co-hosts and characters in the play, immersing themselves in the tales and lessons that unfold. Throughout Units 4-6, students learn the process of flipping negative Circles into positive Circles to work through negative behaviors using the “Positive Behavior Plan” and "Positive Behavior Celebration.” As they learn more about positive actions, they better understand the "Three I's”: image, impression, and identity, and learn how to improve them by learning social skills, self-honesty, and self-improvement.

Social skills are developed in Unit 4 where students learn how to treat others the way they like to be treated. In Unit 5, eighth-graders understand that being true to themselves by telling themselves the truth helps them maintain a positive identity. With an accompanying illustrative poster, students take turns reading the “Rite of Passage,” a story that emphasizes how sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves and follow our truths even if others try to dissuade us.

The program ends after Unit 6, where students are taught and challenged to “broaden their horizons.” To become their best selves, they have to be willing to seek a broader understanding of the world and themselves by pushing the immediate horizon out further to see other perspectives and enrich themselves.

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