Grade 6

An artist's illustration of three students standing next to each other preparing to go on an outdoor adventure with a dog on a leash.

The small town of Hadley's Corners is the scene for Unit 1. Chris Hadley, Julius Washington, Reggie and Lindsay Davis, and Scotty Chambers, each, in separate stories, learn what they are capable of doing and being. They join forces to create a band called the Positunes, and each begins to fulfill their full potential. In Unit 2, students meet twin brothers Stan and Scott. Stan develops his sports ability and neglects his education; Scott does the opposite. Eventually, they must learn to bring balance into their lives. A story about the “Puffers” in the Habit Circus shows the dangers of habits that harm our bodies. Frederick Douglass, the enslaved person who was whipped many times for teaching himself to read—but who persisted anyway—is the model for intellectual curiosity and desire.

In Unit 3, managing one's “gifts” is much like programming a computer correctly. A computer poster and story help the students realize the need to take proper steps in making their own inner computer function as it should. Students learn how to deal with difficult situations when playing the "Anger Game." In Unit 4, “The Unicorn” story calls on the students to think about empathy—about the way others feel. David and Steven's mother has passed away. David can only find comfort in a story about a unicorn from a book he has read. He has dreams of a unicorn coming to the forest behind their house. He shares his dream with Steven to give him comfort.

In a Unit 5 story about Jacque, Ann, and Marcie, a class demonstration of a lie detector machine shows them that their friendships are not what they thought they were. Jacque learns the positive action of being honest with herself and others and decides to expand her circle of friends. In Unit 6, a ship poster and story remind students of a particular ship that prepared for a voyage but, through a series of setbacks, never left the harbor. This story compares to someone who means and wants to do well but never seems to take steps to achieve their goals.

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