Grade 4

An artist's illustration of two students playing soccer.

With a fun poster, students learn to “Say Yes to Life” at the beginning of Unit 1. They learn about the early pioneers who explored the frontier and realize that there are still frontiers to explore, including those within themselves.

The continuing story, “The Patch,” is about two brothers, Darien and Marshall, who are a family until their parents' divorce. The brothers live separately from each other but reunite during holidays. Darien idolizes Marshall until he visits Marshall at their father's house for the first Thanksgiving. He realizes then that Marshall has changed; he smokes cigarettes now and is no longer nice to him. Darien takes his jacket and tears off a patch he had made to look like one on his brother's letterman jacket. This ongoing story throughout the Grade 4 curriculum shows how the brothers cope with their challenging situations and work together to set goals and achieve them.

In Unit 2, a boy lifting weights on a poster entitled, “What Can a Body Do About…” serves as a reminder of the things students can do to stay in good physical health. In Unit 3, a poster and the story “Lost in Space” introduce Shannon, whose spaceship breaks down and forces a landing on the planet Foton. She meets strange, furry creatures and the wild King of Foton there. With help from her friend, Tom, she learns to manage her “gifts” such as time, energy, talents, possessions, and feelings like anger, worry, and fear to repair her spaceship in order to return to Earth. Unit 4 has a story and poster about the twins Kurt and Kevin, their little sister Samantha, and even their cat, Perkins. They all need a “refresher course” in getting along.

In Unit 5, students, through a story and poster, meet Jan and her friend Megan, who is blind. Both girls are attending summer camp at Camp Wilderness. Through challenging experiences, the girls learn more about themselves with the positive actions of telling themselves and others the truth. In Unit 6, students learn the story of George Mallory, who nearly became the first man to climb Mount Everest. He did more than dream of being the first to do it; he prepared very carefully and defied those who said it was impossible. Stories about Thomas Edison teach the importance of believing in your potential, having the courage to try, and being persistent in turning problems into opportunities.

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