Grade 2

An artist's illustration of two children interacting with art on a wall. One is drawing the other is playing shadow games with his hands.

Students meet Eric the Elephant in Unit 1, who joins them in their classroom on a poster, serving as a reminder to use positive actions, not negative ones, because one of the things an elephant does best is remember. Each child will sign the poster as they do something positive. At the end of the unit, the students each receive an Eric the Elephant badge to show that they understand what self-concept is and how doing positive actions makes them feel good about themselves.

In Unit 2, students meet Scrappy the Slouch, who lives in a junkyard, comically illustrated on a colorful poster. He meets Melissa and Eddie, who can see that Scrappy does not have good health habits. The only toothbrush he has is one he found in the trash, but he does not use it on his teeth. They add a visual to the poster with every positive action they try to teach Scrappy. In Unit 3, Eric the Elephant receives a heart as students learn the positive actions for managing their emotions. "See-Red Glasses" are used to help students learn to manage anger. In Unit 4, students hang different fruits on the Friendship Tree poster, representing the positive actions for treating others the way they like to be treated. For example, students receive a paper magnifying glass to look for the good in others, which is represented by an orange that they hang on the tree. At the end of the unit, they harvest the fruit and put it in the friendship basket (poster) to show they know how to be a good friend.

In Unit 5, students meet Happy Bear and Sad Bear. They teach Sad Bear how to be happy by learning the principles of self-honesty. In Unit 6, the students hear a story about Margie, a girl who wants to learn to ski; however, she is surprised to find that this sport requires much practice and hard work. They also learn how to set and accomplish goals from the real-life example of track star Wilma Rudolph.

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