Pre-K SEL Guide to Develop Resilience by Staying Positive

Pre KindergartenLesson: 119

SEL Guide to Develop Resilience in Pre-K Students by Staying Positive

The power of positivity cannot be overstated, especially when life takes unexpected turns. It's not about ignoring the obstacles in one’s path, but rather having the mindset to tackle them head-on. A positive outlook means seeking out solutions rather than dwelling on problems. With this approach, even the toughest challenges become opportunities for growth and triumph.

Complete with a puppet play, an interactive class discussion, and Positive Action music, this lesson teaches pre-kindergartners how to practice positive thinking.

"A positive outlook means seeking out solutions rather than dwelling on problems."

The puppet play, featuring the hedgehogs, Squeak and Mimi, opens this lesson. Here, Mimi’s shoelaces break which makes her feel terrible. Squeak tells her that she can still be happy if she wants to.

This lesson emphasizes the second part of the Positive Action Philosophy, "There is a positive way to do everything!" The students are taught that they can still be happy even when things go wrong if they think positive thoughts and do positive actions. They are guided to understand this better through an interactive class discussion that follows.

Finally, the Positive Action song, "I Am the Best I Can Be," is played as the lesson ends to remind the students that they can still be their best no matter what comes their way.

This lesson helps develop a positive mindset and fosters resilience in pre-kindergartners. It teaches them that they can adjust their thoughts and actions, specifically from negative to positive. This lesson and its materials are designed to help the students understand that they are in control of their thoughts. It allows them to cope and choose a more positive and logical next step.

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