How to Achieve a Positive Self-Concept: A Lesson for Pre-K

Pre KindergartenLesson: 116

How Can Pre-K Students Achieve a Positive Self-Concept With This Lesson

A positive self-concept is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life. It instills a sense of self-worth that enables individuals to make confident decisions, build strong relationships, and achieve success.

To help pre-kindergartners understand the importance of positive self-concept, this lesson is complete with an illustrative short story, an elaborative class discussion, a positive reinforcement, and a Positive Action song titled "Thoughts-Actions-Feelings."

The short story is a continuation of "The Secret of Secret Street," which begins with a happy Emily. She and her brother, Luis, uncovered the secrets of the magical street. It is about how to take positive actions. She has been applying this secret before she acts and has been having a positive day and positive feelings about herself since then. Poor Luis, however, has not had the chance to practice it yet. That is until their friend, Cecelia, needs his help!

"The lesson of the story is clear: positive actions have a profound impact on how one views oneself."

The lesson of the story is clear: positive actions have a profound impact on how one views oneself. Just like what Emily and Luis show, choosing to act in ways that result in positive and healthy outcomes reinforce a positive self-concept. The students further discuss this in the class discussion that follows.

The lesson ends with a positive reinforcement using the "ICU Doing Something Positive" notes from the ICU box and the “Thoughts-Actions-Feelings” music.

This lesson teaches pre-kindergartners about the universal need for a positive self-concept and how to achieve it through positive thoughts and actions. By applying the secret of Secret Street, they now know how they can feel great about themselves and leave the classroom feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

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