How to Lead Your Actions With Self-Management: Pre-K SEL Lesson

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How to Lead Your Actions With Self-Management: Pre-K SEL Lesson

The Manager's Cap is getting decorated with yet another colorful badge today, as a new lesson on self-management begins in the pre-kindergarten class. With the badge of "Actions" waiting to be affixed, the students are getting more responsible every day.

This lesson emphasizes the importance of managing actions to prevent negative consequences. It is focused on allowing students to practice their self-management skills to lead their actions. Using helpful and immersive teaching strategies, this lesson ensures an engaging and educational learning experience.

To start the lesson, the class displays the "Sadie the Stoplight" poster and participates in mental exercises that apply the secret from Secret Street to manage their actions. As the lesson ends, the students recite a new clap and say. Then, they mark their Positive Behavior Chart after they promise to always choose to do positive actions.

"Every action has a consequence, and acting thoughtfully is necessary to turn any situation into a positive one."

{{Acting thoughtfully is the most effective and positive way to manage actions. It is practiced by being aware of the situation and thoughtfully considering all those affected before taking action. By doing this, one avoids acting on impulse, which can result in unwanted consequences. There are many advantages when actions are managed positively, including gaining control of the situation, preventing problems from arising, and protecting the well-being of others.

For pre-kindergartners, controlling situations can look like performing better in school during activities. They can prevent problems like hurting themselves with harmful substances by asking an adult before trying them out. They can also protect others if they choose to manage their actions by not bullying their peers. With self-management, pre-kindergartners become in charge of themselves as they learn and master managing their actions and themselves in this lesson.

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