How to Celebrate Positive Actions: Pre-K SEL Lesson Unit 1 Review

Pre KindergartenLesson: 120

A Celebration of Positive Actions: Pre-K SEL Lesson Unit 1 Review

It’s time to review and celebrate! This lesson is a review party that allows pre-kindergartners to look back on the lesson concepts in Unit 1 while having fun. It is also a great chance for students to showcase the skills they have learned and developed so far.

Squeak and Mimi, the beloved hedgehog puppet friends, open the lesson by announcing that today is a review party. They excitedly inform the students about the snacks, activities, and games they’ll be enjoying while reviewing the lesson concepts.

"Celebrating pre-kindergartners achievements, big or small, helps in building their self-concept."

After the puppet show, the "Thoughts," “Actions,” and “Feelings” visual aids are displayed. The class goes over the Happy Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle and reviews what thoughts, actions, and feelings are.

A fun and engaging game comes after. In this game, the students need to answer yes or no to the questions before the bean bag thrown in the air lands. The questions are about self-concept, positive actions, and Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle.

Another game is played where students give a thumbs up if the teacher says something positive. If what is said is negative, the students need to give a thumbs down.

The class recites the "Self-Concept" Cheer together, after the games. The pre-kindergartners then cheer for themselves for doing a great job.

At the end of the lesson, the students listen as the teacher reads them their "ICU Doing Something Positive" notes from the ICU Box. Then, the students enjoy the rest of the lesson with their friends and classmates while listening to Positive Action music in the background. What a wonderful day!

Celebrating pre-kindergartners achievements, big or small, helps in building their self-concept. It makes them feel that their efforts and successes are recognized and valued by their teachers, parents, and peers. Finally, it makes them feel happy and accomplished, which fosters intrinsic motivation to accomplish more in the future.

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