Unlock the Power of Self-Management in Early Childhood

KindergartenLesson: 707

Promote Self-Management for Children's Self-Improvement

Self-management is a life skill that empowers individuals to wisely use their personal resources, such as time, energy, money, talents, and thoughts. Children with this competency know how to prioritize and exercise control to overcome obstacles, adapt to new situations, or recover from setbacks.

In this evidence-based SEL lesson for kindergarten, students embrace being the manager of themselves by showing responsibility and self-discipline. They also use their strengths effectively to succeed in a fun class activity that reinforces the lesson concepts.

Two lovable puppets greet the students and join the class as the lesson commences. They are Picks-It Raccoon and Nix-It Panda, and they are present to help the students remember the positive actions taught in the Jungle of Self-Management. These positive actions include time management, talent management, and managing emotions, among others.

Approaching any challenge with these positive actions helps kindergarten students increase their chances of succeeding. Even better, it boosts their confidence and develops a positive self-concept as they see desirable results from taking charge of themselves.

"Resilience, self-improvement, and adaptability—these are the essential skills kindergarten students will gain by learning to manage themselves and their resources wisely."

To reinforce these positive actions and remind students of the resulting rewarding feeling, Picks-It and Nix-It facilitate a class activity that tests the students’ self-management skills. The test is to generate ideas for building their boats using their eight gifts or personal resources. The little self-managers are only given two minutes to think.

Every time a student speaks and breaks the two-minute thinking time, the timer restarts, and they must think again. This process continues until all students remain quiet for two minutes and maximize their allotted time.

Unbeknown to the students, the challenge begins by the time they put their thinking hats on. The activity is not about building a boat but about how they use their resources wisely. They are tested on how they will use the short minutes allotted and what thoughts they will allow during that time. Through this simple challenge, they have proven themselves great self-managers!

Congratulations and cheers close off the lesson as the students succeed in their challenge. Their beloved puppet companions celebrate with them as they realize what this success entails: another gate of the Castle Self-Concept unlocks. There are only three more gates to unlock, and they can finally enter the castle and learn the secret to happiness.

Embarking on a new goal, learning a new skill, or picking up the pieces after a setback is always overwhelming. Sooner or later, feelings of discouragement or lack of control creep in. However, utilizing self-management skills and maximizing personal resources empower individuals to overcome difficult feelings and persist.

Resilience, self-improvement, and adaptability—these are the essential skills kindergarten students will gain by learning to manage themselves and their resources wisely. With these skills, they hold the power to withstand any challenge that comes their way in this fast-paced, ever-evolving world.

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