Help Kids Overcome Challenges With Courage and Resilience

KindergartenLesson: 609

Teach Kids to Build the Courage to Try and Develop Resilience

Since the beginning of time, there, far beyond the horizon, have been worlds beyond worlds, answers to be discovered, and mysteries unraveled.

If no human dared to try and search for answers, the truth and these intellectual treasures would remain hidden. Today would look entirely different, and no one would understand the inner workings of life and how to optimize it.

Can one imagine if the first-world explorers, voyagers, scientists, and philosophers—all seekers of truth and knowledge—did not have the courage to try?

In this social-emotional learning lesson for kindergarten, students learn the value of trying to overcome challenges and improve themselves. They also learn the meaning of courage and how to harness it in their personal, social, and academic lives.

The lesson commences with a review of the previous topic, which is believing in one’s potential. Then, it builds on a continuing story about beloved animal characters who take on the adventure to climb Mount Self-Improvement and enhance their self-concept.

"This lesson presents a valuable truth: success doesn’t happen without first giving a challenge a try."

Day and night, the animals’ journey continues, and while the climb gets a little harder every day, their spirits remain high. In every step, the animals remind themselves of their skills, strengths, and potential to succeed. That is, until they stumble upon something that would challenge their determination.

What could it be? Will the animals dare to try and solve the problem? As kindergarten students tune in and follow the story, they learn that building the courage and bravery to try is the first step to success and self-improvement. It teaches them that answers to life’s challenges don’t reveal themselves by waiting but by daring.

As the lesson continues, students participate in fun and engaging classroom activities, reinforcing the significance of putting oneself to the task. Then, the lesson concludes with a coloring activity that aims to leave the lesson’s mark on the students’ minds.

This lesson presents a valuable truth: success doesn’t happen without first giving a challenge a try. Educators must teach students early on about the power of trying and how it can enhance their abilities, health, and self-confidence. It is also crucial to help them understand that setbacks are common in trying, so it’s important to maintain a growth mindset and remain resilient.

Complete with posters, flannel board figures, and activity sheets, this lesson empowers students to set a positive mindset and improve their intellectual abilities, physical strength, and social and emotional development!

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