Effective Social-Emotional Learning Program for Kindergarten With Positive Action

KindergartenLesson: 101

Effective Social-Emotional Learning Program for Kindergarten With* Positive Action*

A very exciting learning adventure begins! Kindergartners embark on a social-emotional learning journey to the "Kingdom of Positive Action," where they learn more about themselves. The kingdom comes to life as a series of colorful posters. Throughout the year, nine mural posters are displayed to complete the big picture of the kingdom.

The students are joined in this adventure by their new special friends, Picks-It and Nix-It, who lead them through the lessons and challenges ahead. Picks-It, a wise and experienced raccoon, and Nix-It, a young, innocent panda, join the class as two handheld plush puppets that help keep the students engaged throughout the curriculum. Together, they travel through the three lands of the kingdom to learn about themselves and reach "Castle Self-Concept." By the end of the curriculum, the students uncover the important secret that lies in the castle. It is a secret that helps them learn how to feel good about themselves.

"*Positive Actio*n is a comprehensive and flexible social-emotional learning program that aims to promote positive behavior and empower students."

In this first lesson, Picks-It and Nix-It introduce themselves to the students. They take the students with them as they prepare to begin their adventure of self-development and discovery.

Nix-It can’t deny being afraid of what lies ahead in their journey. Picks-It assures him that although it is not going to be easy, it is going to be rewarding. Nix-It begins to feel excited when Picks-It delivers him to his first test—to look into the pond and tell Picks-It what he sees. Nix-It sees something in the pond, and although it is not very clear, it surprises him.

This SEL lesson launches Unit 1 of Positive Action’s Kindergarten Curriculum, which is all about helping kindergartners understand themselves and how they feel about themselves. It contains lessons that explain self-concept and teach about the Thoughts-Actions-Feelings about Self Circle. The whole unit is complete with puppet plays, colorful posters, and visual aids. To reinforce every concept, the lessons also contain stories, songs, and SEL activities. The young students of the kindergarten class are all fully-equipped and ready to take on their social-emotional learning adventure with Positive Action!

*Positive Actio*n is a comprehensive and flexible social-emotional learning program that aims to promote positive behavior and empower students. Its Kindergarten curriculum has six units dedicated to helping students understand the role of their thoughts, actions, and feelings about themselves in their lives and future success.

Recognized for its effectiveness, Positive Action is one of the best choices for social-emotional learning. It is proven effective in developing character, promoting physical and mental health, and achieving academic improvement.

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