The Positive Action of Strengthening Memory: An SEL Lesson

Grade 1Lesson: 218

The Positive Action of Strengthening Memory: A Lesson for Grade 1 Students

First graders are like little sponges that soak up every bit of information around them. These young minds are hungry for knowledge, but like all humans, they can use a little boost to help retain all the fascinating tidbits they've collected. Here is where Positive Action steps in.

Positive Action, an evidence-based SEL program, teaches students that there are intellectual positive actions they can take to boost their cognitive performance. These include being curious, thinking creatively, learning new things, making good decisions, and solving problems. In this lesson, the focus is on strengthening memory.

The class listens to another adventure of two recurring characters, Maurice and Marrott. These two mice are determined to succeed in their quest to learn how to read, even if it means facing challenges. Every afternoon, Maurice attends his reading lessons while Marrott stands outside the hall to guard the area. They both understand that forgetting what they have learned the previous day would mean starting all over again the next day. Therefore, they practice the letters and sounds together to strengthen their memories.

Maurice sometimes feels discouraged during his reading lessons, but Marrott never fails to remind him that learning new things and remembering makes them feel good about themselves. Together, they push each other to keep going, and soon, they are able to read parts of old newspapers in the attic.

After the story, the class discusses the meaning of memory. Students learn that memory is the ability to retain information and retrieve it when needed. Strengthening one's memory can be achieved by regularly exercising the brain, practicing memorization techniques, and paying attention to details. These skills are essential not only in academic settings but also in daily life, where memory can help one recall important information, such as people's names, events, and directions.

By strengthening their memory, grade 1 students take positive action for a healthy and happy mind. They learn that they can achieve their goals with determination and practice, just like Maurice and Marrott.

"Overall, this lesson on decision-making and problem-solving is essential for first graders. By teaching them the basic principles of these skills and providing them with examples and guidance, teachers can help them become more self-reliant and confident in their ability to make good choices."

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