How Students Can Benefit From Doing Things Well

Grade 1Lesson: 119

How Grade 1 Students Can Benefit From Doing Things Well

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and doing some things well can help achieve this goal. When people do something they are good at, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which boosts their self-concept. Feeling good about oneself, in turn, motivates one to do more positive actions. This concept is the focus of this lesson’s story titled "Little Brother."

In the story, a little boy named Mateo is eager to help care for their family’s pets. His family has quite a collection of furry and finned friends – two dogs, one cat, three goldfish, and a tiny parakeet. Mateo wants nothing more than to be involved in their care, but everyone says he is too young to help.

One day, Mateo's mother comes home with a bunny and asks him and his older sister Nova to take care of it. Nova quickly dismisses Mateo's offer to help, insisting he is still too little. But Mateo is determined to prove himself. He declares that he is good with animals and will be a zookeeper one day.

Things take a turn when the phone rings and startles the bunny. The poor creature leaps out of Nova's arms and scurries under the bed. Nova tries to reach for the bunny but is too big to fit underneath. That’s when little Mateo comes to the rescue, and what he does next earns him his family’s trust. He then becomes the official caretaker of the bunny. This accomplishment fills him with a sense of achievement and joy.

"The class discussion highlights the importance of taking positive actions and recognizing one's abilities, even when others are in doubt."

Following the story, Grade 1 students engage in a conversation about how to handle wanting to do something but worrying that they can’t. They come up with good ideas on how to help out at home and school. The class discussion highlights the importance of taking positive actions and recognizing one's abilities, even when others are in doubt.

After the discussion, the teacher thanks the students for being good listeners and distributes stickers with Maurice the Mouse doing the happy dance. These stickers serve as positive reinforcement to continue doing positive actions throughout the curriculum.

The lesson ends with the students reciting the phrase "I use positive actions!" together, affirming their newfound understanding that doing things well boosts their self-concept and makes them feel motivated. It's an important lesson for young learners, as it can set the foundation for a lifetime of positive actions.

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